Blog Archive December 2011

Finding Your Perfect Balance

Are you working on your Pilates body? Looking to kick-start your fitness routine for the upcoming new year? One of our core values here at the studio is finding balance. While it’s important to be both emotionally and physically balanced, today we’ll look at some great exercises you can do …

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A Strong Back is a Strong Core

Ever wondered one of the hidden secrets to getting a stronger core? Here are look at two exercises that will strengthen your core by strengthening the posterior part of your body, giving you a rock solid back! By simply using your body’s own resistance, these two exercises can be done …

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Tips for Having a Healthy Holiday

The holiday season is here along with family gatherings and delicious desserts that always seem to add to our waistline! In this wonderful season we all need to remember to take time to work out and eat well. Sometimes between  travel and other commitments, it’s hard to make time for …

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