Are you working on your Pilates body? Looking to kick-start your fitness routine for the upcoming new year? One of our core values here at the studio is finding balance. While it’s important to be both emotionally and physically balanced, today we’ll look at some great exercises you can do at home to work on that balance through working your core. Today we will be looking at Leg Pull Up and Side Bend Prep.

Leg Pull Up:

Start in a reverse plank with the wrists under the shoulders and the hips lifted as HIGH as possible. Keep your eyes focused on the wall in front of you.

From there, lift one leg off the ground (without letting the pelvis drop) and pulse it to the ceiling 2 times, then set the leg down and repeat on the other side.

Do this 4-6 times then relax. (If this is too difficult, do it with bent legs and feet flat on the ground!)

Side Bend Prep:

The best way to get into the side bend prep is to start in a regular plank (push up position), move one hand to the middle under your sternum and then rotate by lifting the opposite hand off the ground where you are facing the wall. Your wrist should be under your shoulder and the top foot should be in front of the bottom foot (as shown in the picture).

Hold for 5 seconds, and then rotate to the other side and face the opposite direction, hold for an additional 5 seconds.

Relax and then repeat 4-6 more times. (If you would like more of a challenge, try all 4 reps without relaxing).

Once you’re finished with these exercises, take a few minutes to breathe deep, or get into child’s pose. Breathing and child’s pose will also help you to center your body and your mind!

Making better bodies,