The holiday season is here along with family gatherings and delicious desserts that always seem to add to our waistline! In this wonderful season we all need to remember to take time to work out and eat well. Sometimes between  travel and other commitments, it’s hard to make time for your regular Pilates classes. So in this month’s health blog we’re giving you tips to help you continue taking care of your body over the Christmas break.

The first step to success this Christmas is to set your intentions mentally and have accountability to help you succeed. I often set out to work out and eat well over the holidays, but fail to do so because of a lack of planning. Find a friend, spouse, or family member who will plan on taking this journey with you. Plan specific times over the break when you can do some kind of daily physical activity. You don’t even have to be at Pilates class or the gym to get moving! Go out for a game of touch football with the family or bundle up for a hike with a friend. As long as you are being intentional to move your body you’ll succeed!

For actual Pilates exercises you can do from home or wherever your travels take you, we’ll be posting some of our older monthly muscles in the blog.

Lastly, I love my sweets over the holidays. Below, I’ve included some of my favorite dessert options on the healthier side of things, as well as a few tips for making your old favorites a little bit healthier. I promise you, you won’t miss the extra sugar or fat!

Have a happy and healthy holiday!

Making Better Bodies,



Try out these healthy dessert options from one of my favorite vegan cooking sites, Post Punk

Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf – I tried this one over the weekend, and it’s fabulous!

Cinnamon Apple Crisp – one of my all-time favorite desserts!

If you can’t resist making your traditional holiday treat, try these quick tips to make your dessert a
healthier indulgence:

• Substitute cane sugar (or another raw sugar) for refined sugars to decrease the intake of
harmful additives
• Use whole grain flours in place of refined white flour to prevent a loss of nutrients in the milling
• Adding applesauce and lowering the butter or oil content