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Real Men Do Pilates: Julian Littleford

Julian Littleford is a renowned strength and conditioning coach, who owns a studio in Del Mar, California. With a diverse clientele, J.L. Body Conditioning Inc. loves using Pilates in “conditioning, strength training and injury prevention or recovery with pro baseball players” (he works with the San Diego Padres). Clearly, his …

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Analyzing the Scoliotic Body – PMA & ACE CEC Approved

We’re thrilled to announce that Erin Myers will be teaching a continuing ed course called “Analyzing the Scoliotic Body” at Simply Balanced on June 2nd. Keep reading to see Erin’s course description and find our how you can sign up. This course is PMA & ACE CEC approved. From Erin: …

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Wake Up to Summer: Pilates Exercises to Start Your Summer Right

With all of the warm weather we’ve had lately, it feels like summer is already here! Where everyone seems concerned about getting a beach body, we encourage you to be concerned with having a strong healthy body, mind, and spirit all around. One of the best ways you can feel …

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