Even though January will be coming to a close in a few short weeks, it’s never too late to start Pilates at home. Starting now, we can live and breathe a healthy lifestyle that will benefit the way we look and feel in the coming months. Practicing a balanced lifestyle that incorporates a clean diet, regular exercise and low stress improves our attitude and our figure! Daily workouts are the key component to strengthening and sculpting your body to its best. It may be cold outside, but you can get moving and get your body prepped for the warm weather with the exercises in this blog entry. We’ve got 2 exercises you can do in or out of the studio to get you feeling great for the coming months.

Teaser Prep
This is a classical exercise that will help build balance, define your legs and give you that killer six-pack that you always wanted. Begin by lying on your back with your feet in table top position and your arms overhead.

Exhale and reach your arms toward your legs and roll your back off the mat as much as you can or until you are sitting up in a V shape position with your legs bent and your hands reaching toward your feet.

Inhale at the top, and then exhale to roll yourself back down with control back to lying on the mat. Repeat 10 times, rest, and then repeat an additional 10 more times. Avoid if low back pain occurs (If you would like to challenge yourself, try it with straight legs).
Leg Pull Down Prep
This exercise will help tone and strengthen the arms, abdominals, and glutes.

Start in a plank (push up) position with the shoulders over the wrists, the inner thighs together, and the torso in one line from head to feet. Lift one leg toward the ceiling with the foot pointed.

Pulse leg to the ceiling 10 times, then switch legs, rest, and repeat 4-6 more times. Keep your torso in line and hips level throughout the exercise. Avoid if low back pain occurs (If you would like a challenge, bend the arms and keep them bent throughout the exercise).


Making better bodies,