Maybe you get your Pilates on a few times a week here at Simply Balanced. But now, there’s no better time to get your yoga on! A little over a year ago we added yoga to our repetoire here at Simply Balanced because we completely believe in the way it can transform both your body and your path to better health.

In case you haven’t heard, as of August 1st, all yoga classes are now $15. Instead of having a combined Mat Pilates/Yoga package, we now have packages just for yogis! We now have a 10 class yoga package for $135, and a 20 class yoga package for $255. For those of you who haven’t tried a yoga class, we hope this will be a much more affordable option.

All of our yoga classes are currently athletic Vinyasa flow taught by the incredible Gina Rossy. One of our favorite things about Gina’s yoga class is how it focuses on strength to challenge your body and your core. As athletic vinyasa flow, her classes stabilize your core like Pilates but also gives you the same opening up and mobilization of a traditional yoga class. Even though you may transition smoothly through movements, her focus is always on stability and steming all your movements from your core. Gina loves to challenge you. Just when you think you’ve done enough chaduranga, you do more. And even if you’re not necessarily strong, you’ll always find strength in what you’re doing.

Gina also has some of the best music for a yoga class we’ve ever heard! Here are a few of her essentials for a killer yoga playlist: