Based on client feedback, we recently gave all of our equipment classes new names. All of these classes are still your traditional equipment classes—meaning you’ll be on the reformer, the chair, even the foam rollers. If you’re a current client, you can know that, nothing has changed except for the name. We wanted to give clients a better idea of the teaching style of the teacher, hence the new names. Take a look below for more in-depth class descriptions. Finally, please note that the classes range from beginner to advanced, so be sure to check the class levels online before signing up!

Pilates Breath– Kay Creighton-Hays
All movement stems from the center of your body, starting with your breath. The focus of Kay’s class is to teach how to utilize breathing more efficiently in your workout as you move through exercises. By using your breath you gain a stronger center and stability through your body.

Lengthen & Tone– Alessandra Casuccio
Because of Alessandra’s dance background, her goal is always to help you lengthen and tone your muscles helping you gain flexibility and strength without the bulk. Expect a fun class that will challenge you and give you a stronger and better looking body.

Mindful Movement– Jennifer McNamara
Jennifer’s focus is not just to give you a hard workout, but to help you understand how your body is meant to move. In this class expect to focus on the details of the exercises, which will help bring you into proper alignment.

Pure Strength– David Gensheimer
David teaches a fast-paced class that focuses on building strength. A workout with David will challenge you to your limit—whether you are a beginner or an advanced client. Expect to have fun, work hard, and sweat.

Realignment & Stretch- Lisa Brown
With Lisa, you can expect to have fun while focusing on the fundamentals of Pilates. Expect to stretch and release tension, while focusing on proper alignment, moving through exercises at a more moderate pace.