We’re excited to be starting a new 3-part blog post series to show you exercises and stretches you can do at home with the Magic Circle. This is a wonderful prop to add to your home workout routine. Mind you, these are only a few out of hundreds that you can learn and apply to your home workout. The Magic Circle is also lightweight and small enough to take on the plane or in the car, making it a great prop to travel with.

In this post, we’ll look at several stretches that you can do in your  hotel room or in the comfort of your home. If you’ve taken class at our studio, chances are that you’ll have done some of these exercises!

Hamstring Stretch
Hamstring Stretch

The first stretch is for the hamstrings. Lie on your back with both legs flat against the ground. Bend one knee into table top and place the magic circle around the ball of your foot, while holding the other side of the circle with both hands. Next, straighten your leg toward the ceiling until you feel a pull in the back of your leg. Slowly pull your leg closer toward you without losing your neutral spine. Hold this for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

I.T. Band
Next we are going to stretch the I.T. Band. Once you have finished your hamstring stretch, move the same leg across your body without structurally affecting your neutral spine or allowing your pelvis to lift off the ground. Once again, slowly pull your leg closer toward you, hold this for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Try NOT to let your knee bend.
Piriformis Stretch

For the final stretch we are going release the Piriformis. Start with your leg in front of you, as if about to stretch your hamstrings. Once there, move the opposite leg that was on the floor to where the ankle touches the opposite knee. Then bend the leg that is in the Magic Circle until you feel a stretch in gluteal region. Repeat on the other side holding this stretch for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Don’t have a magic circle yet? Be sure to get one next time you’re at the studio!