“Will Pilates help me lose weight?” is a question we frequently hear from those new to the practice. It’s a great question, and definitely a critical point to consider as you start any new exercise routine.

Pilates is an exercise discipline that focuses on strength training, muscular stability and flexibility. A regular weekly schedule of practicing Pilates (2-4 times a week) along with cardio is a solid exercise routine that will benefit your strength, add tone to your body and provide health benefits for your heart.

But will Pilates help you lose weight? Not solely on its own. We tell our clients that losing weight is a combination of exercise and a healthy diet, and diet really does contribute to 60% of losing weight. It’s a common misconception that people believe, “If I exercise, I can eat whatever I want.” Not true if you are looking for changes on the scale.

Losing weight is difficult. We have all been there, and tried the fads to get results we sought. But if you can commit to exercise and healthy eating, you are on the way to results you want. Understanding calorie intake as math, and making overall changes to the way you eat, you can establish a lifelong habit of taking better care of yourself. There are a lot of great resources of healthy eating and exercise. Just to name a few: talk to your Pilates instructor or our owner David, research credible web resources for healthy eating habits or talk to your doctor who may recommend a nutritionist. Many health insurance plans have a nutritionist or resource option covered.

Pilates is a great exercise option for strength training and getting the aesthetic look you want. We have many success stories of those who committed to a new exercise plan and achieved their goals, whatever they have been. One example- we have a client, who after a 6-month exercise hiatus, had the goal of toning her body. She committed to Pilates training 4 times a week. Within two weeks, she felt stronger and was visibly more toned. Within 4-6 weeks, she will achieve her goal and can establish a maintenance routine.

Joseph Pilates said about his method; “In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.” And it’s really true, if you can commit to at least three times a week and practice healthy eating.

Whatever your goals, we would love to talk to you and see how Pilates and our teaching can help.  See you in the studio!

Make today count,