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The first two classes of the year have passed, but it’s never too late to join the Balanced Body Teacher in Training workshops at Simply Balanced. Our next workshop is Mat 2 on March 14th

If you pride yourself on the perfect roll down, show your friends the “Rolling like a Ball” exercise at parties, and find yourself most at peace during class- you may already be on your way to being a successful Pilates instructor. Having the passion, drive and desire to learn and grow your practice is important. Learning to share the gift of Pilates with others is a huge benefit of becoming an instructor. 

Every instructor comes from a unique background, and Pilates speaks to each one differently:

“I chose to teach Pilates because it made me feel like no other workout had before—worked, balanced, and stretched. I wanted to help others find their own core strength and feel the difference in their daily lives.”- Stephanie Falcone, Pilates Instructor

“Pilates brings together all the activities I do—cardio,  weights, my desk job and just being active daily. At first, I planned to just pursue my Mat certification, but I fell in love with the principles of Pilates and what it can do for the body. I like showing clients the benefits of full body movement, realignment and strengthening. Pilates helps the body function the way it’s supposed to function.”- Jackie Arnold, Pilates Instructor

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Personally,  before I found Pilates, I was a committed boot-camp girl. I like weights and cardio, and loved the daily challenge of suicides, weight lifting and kettle bells. Then, I injured my back on a fairly routine medicine ball exercise. After recovery, I realized that, while I had gained strength and endurance through boot camp, my form had not improved, nor had my muscle balance. My big mover muscles were strong and defined, but not my stability core muscles. While I still loved the challenge of boot camp, I knew I needed to improve my core, form and stability. Pilates seemed like the perfect workout for that, and something I could do until I’m 100. 

Pilates has always been my passion, outlet for stress and source of contentment. I love concentrating on my breathing, feeling the strength of my body, and having the motivation of getting better. Teacher training was the perfect way to improve my practice.  I gained knowledge and increased my skill. The added benefit I didn’t count on was how much I enjoyed sharing with others what Pilates could do for them—not just better abs or the perfect 100, but how it could improve their daily lives. For example, my senior clients tell me how they can reach higher, bend more, and hold positions longer, which they attribute to the stretching and strengthening of reformer work. My prenatal clients say how good they feel after a session, with less tension in their neck and shoulders and better posture.  You wouldn’t believe how my boot camp clients have reacted after a session of planks and pikes on the reformer. They are in awe of the amazing core work and flexibility challenge.

If Pilates speaks to you and you are looking for a new outlet, talk to your instructor today about the Balanced Body program and the next workshop training. You can join Teacher in Training workshops at anytime, and begin teaching hours. It’s a decision that will not only benefit your own practice, but benefit those you teach as you grow in your Pilates knowledge.