Ever thought about one on one private training sessions with your Pilates Instructor? There’s huge benefits that you may not immediately think about. David Gensheimer, owner of Simply Balanced, lists why you should consider privates to up your game and reach your personal goals:

1. Each session is tailored to your needs                                                                                                              Typically there are eight students in a Pilates group class. No two students have the same skill level, injuries, strengths or skeletal make-up. The teacher has to assess the group as a whole and train for the entire group, asking individuals to modify as needed. For a private session, it’s all about your body. The instructor creates a workout and leads you through exercises fit for you and where you are at your level. You will have hands on correction to improve your form and get the most out of every exercise. If you have a knee injury for example, the instructor will modify exercises to strengthen the area and not cause further injury. Private sessions are a great complement to completed physical therapy to further rehab an injury.

2. You get exactly what you want                                                                                                                              Pilates is a versatile discipline. Your workout can range from a kick butt sweat session to stretching and lengthening your limbs, and anything in between. Want to focus on full body and sweat (for us ladies, glow)? Want to strengthen your hip flexors and your arms, and stretch your hamstrings? Perfect, as your instructor will listen to you and customize your workout for what you want that day. It’s not the same old regimen that a fitness trainer may lead you through, looking bored and gabbing about their love life. It’s truly interactive, and your instructor will never give you the same workout twice. Ask anyone who takes privates, they will agree.

3. You have a partner in setting and reaching goals                                                                                           Every gym says this, but how many really stand behind it and push you? Your instructor will ask and help you set goals that you both will work toward to attain. Want to lose weight, gain strength and/or become more flexible? Pilates can challenge you no matter what level you are at, and continue to help you gain strength and flexibility as you continue working out. You’ll see subtle changes in your strength with each session. An added benefit is your instructor will help hold you accountable, so that you continue to challenge yourself on days not at the studio.

Talk to David, Jennifer, Jackie, Christin or Laurel about your personal needs and training in private sessions. See what they have to say about the work you both can do together. Private sessions are a fun, challenging and great way to reach your goals.