It’s that time of year; everyone is hitting the gym, on the socials claiming #beastmode and #fitness, and cleansing with cayenne and syrup. There’s the annual rush to get in shape and eat clean, and the motivation usually dies around Valentine’s Day. Want to make permanent change? Simply Balanced has tips for you.

At Home

You can add a few exercises to your routine to either jump-start a workout or supplement your gym routine. We outline three exercises below, but there are plenty you can do: squats, lunges, jump rope, and crunches to name a few. Just start with 10-15 reps and do two sets, and build up reps and sets weekly from there.


Transverse breathing, image by

Transverse pulses

Build strong abdominals from the inside out by doing transverse pulses. They are easy to do and can be done anywhere. You may receive some awkward looks though.

1. Inhale expanding your diaphragm and rib cage out laterally. Let your belly hang loose.

2. Exhale as if you are fogging a mirror, pulling your abs in and your belly button to your spine.

This breath work actually strengthens your abs and helps your core learn to fire again after pregnancy, surgery or lack of activity. It is also the foundation breathing for Pilates exercises. You exhale and pull your belly button to your spine at the hardest part of the work (doing crunches, bicep curls) and then inhale when you release.

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Push-ups still can’t be topped as a full upper body exercise. Remember to inhale, and then exhale to start and repeat at the bottom of the push-up. Need extra motivation? Start or join a push-up group on Facebook and record your numbers to hit 1,000 by the end of the month.

Knee to opposite elbow intermediary plank. Image by

Knee to same side elbow oblique intermediary plank. Image by


Planks are an excellent low-impact exercise meant to tone the whole body. Start by holding one minute, and add seconds as you grow stronger. Once you feel you have mastered the standard plank, add leg lifts alternating legs, oblique side planks, knees to opposite elbow, etc. So many great variations to make you stronger.

At home exercises can be done when you have time, and even when you don’t. You can do a set of 20 squats while brushing your teeth. You can do alternating leg lunges while blow-drying your hair. You can do wall push-ups while cooking breakfast. Just be creative and work in exercises across your day.

Brand new studio. Image by

Brand new studio. Image by

In Studio

If you need an extra push to get started, then get into a Pilates class today or book a private. It’s inspiring for an instructor to compliment you or help correct so you improve. And it’s motivating and competitive to see others around you working hard and mastering the movements. You’ll feel challenged to come back and start talking to others in class that feel the same. Simply Balanced is a laid back, no pressure environment, where everyone is motivating each other. You’ll feel the energy and want to come back for more classes.

Fitness Pal tracks your information to show progress toward your goal.

Fitness Pal tracks your information to show progress toward your goal.

App Help

There are tons of fitness apps, so use them to track your goals. We recommend Fitness Pal to record goals, calorie intake, workouts, that then tells you what you need to do to keep at that goal. And you can share info with your trainer or friends for that additional push.

It’s time to get started, and really commit to a permanent change by these small steps. If you need a financial push, David is offering 10% off any purchase this month to help you get started. That’s classes, packages, and personal sessions. Use your 10% and come in to a class today.