67679ac027fa3a076411fef4_606x585 Props for sale at Simply Balanced. An excellent way to enjoy Pilates at home. 

New inventory of props have arrived. Here’s just a few ways to enjoy your new prop at home or on the go:

Theraband                                                                                                                                                                            If you have attended class lately, you have heard the phrase, “When in doubt, clam shell it out.” A Theraband around the thighs works wonders for glut and hip flexor strengthening, and pelvic stabilization. A couple of examples of how to use your new Theraband:  clam shells and figure 8 clam shells with hips stacked on your side, and abductor work with lying on your back with the Theraband around the ankles. Separate the legs then slowly bring them together, feeling the tension of the Theraband working your new muscles. This one band is a must when working out while traveling.

Pinky ball                                                                                                                                                                              If you work at a desk most of the day, Pinky balls are a great way to release tension in your shoulders and back. Put the ball against a wall and roll out your rhomboid and scapula muscles by rolling the ball in a circle. You can also use a Pinky ball to roll out foot pain from high heels. See our previous post about high heel aches and pains here.

Foam rollers, travel sticks and travel rollers                                                                                                      There’s no excuse not to roll out daily. You have plenty of options available at the studio; a full-length roller for full body work, or a travel stick or travel roller that can fit perfectly in a carry-on suitcase. Use them to roll out sore hamstrings, IT band, gluts and neck. The full-length foam roller is great for pec release; start lying head to tailbone on the roller with hands and elbows on the ground at your side. Then fan your arms up toward your head, sweeping the ground with your hands and elbows. You should feel a great pectoral release.

Be sure to ask your instructor for a few exercises to use with your new purchase. Stay warm and see you in the studio!