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3 Reasons to Try Private Pilates Sessions

Ever thought about one on one private training sessions with your Pilates Instructor? There’s huge benefits that you may not immediately think about. David Gensheimer, owner of Simply Balanced, lists why you should consider privates to up your game and reach your personal goals: 1. Each session is tailored to …

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Frequently Asked Question: Will Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?

“Will Pilates help me lose weight?” is a question we frequently hear from those new to the practice. It’s a great question, and definitely a critical point to consider as you start any new exercise routine. Pilates is an exercise discipline that focuses on strength training, muscular stability and flexibility. …

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Recipes: Staff Picks for the Best Juices

Doctors and health professionals recommend four to five cups of fruit and vegetables daily for women and five to six cups for men. How in the world can we possibly pack in that many fruit and vegetables daily, with our demanding routines of juggling work, family, exercise and a social …

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