What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise technique that focuses on strengthening the innermost muscles of your body, also called your “core” muscles. With the correct alignment of the pelvis, referred to as neutral pelvis, you will be able to achieve core stability. When practiced faithfully, the major benefits of Pilates include an increase in strength, injury prevention, performance enhancement, and added mobility.

To learn about the history of Pilates, click here.

Who does Pilates?

People of all ages and fitness levels participate in Pilates and benefit in many different ways. Our clients range from athletes looking to enhance their performance, to those with specific imbalances and injuries, to everyone in between.

How do I start practicing Pilates?

We suggest first taking a private Pilates session to ensure maximum benefit from your practice. If continuing private sessions is not feasible for you, a mat or beginner level reformer class can also be a great place to start. Feel free to try both mat and equipment classes, to determine which one (if not both!) best suits your body.

Private sessions are booked through the front desk at Simply Balanced and require prepayment. For group classes, you can sign up online at SBalanced.com to reserve your space. Classes are filled on a first-come first-serve basis, so we can’t promise a space in a class if a reservation is not made. Also, please be aware of our 24-hour cancellation policy.

What classes do you offer?

Mat Group Class
Mat work is an integral part of Pilates. Instead of using spring resistance from Pilates equipment you use your body weight against gravity. This is a great way to connect with and strengthen your abdominals and pelvic stabilizing muscles. Many of Simply Balanced Mat classes feature the use of props such as the ring, Thera-bands, foam rollers, and different sized fitness balls.

Pilates Flow Group Class – Mat
Pilates Flow is similar to a mat-based Pilates class emphasizing strength, stability, and coordination of breath with movement. Unlike a traditional Pilates class, Pilates flow is a fast-paced  class that moves smoothly from one exercise to the next with little to no stopping.

Equipment Group Class
Equipment classes use various pieces of equipment including the reformer, chair, and jumpboard. The primary machine is the reformer–a machine that uses a series of springs and pulleys to take you through a full-body workout. You will work on strengthening the stabilizing muscles of your pelvis and spine, not to mention your abs. Whether you are brand new to Pilates or a pro, you can find an class that works for you. Our classes are organized by level–so be sure to check and see whether the class is “beginner” “intermediate” or “advanced.” If it’s your first time, a beginner class is perfect! More advanced classes require a consistent focus and strong coordination, balance, and control skills, as well as abdominal strength.

Private Sessions
This personalized approach is great for you if you don’t feel comfortable in a group class or have specific body issues (i.e. post knee surgery, disc bulge, rotator cuff injury, pregnant, or if you just want personal attention). This one-on-one session also offers a variety of equipment options and individual attention from the instructor. Private sessions must be booked in advance and require pre-payment.

A duet is like a private session, only with a friend! Get the individualized attention of a private lesson while sharing the time and price with a partner. Duets must be booked in advance and require pre-payment from each participant.

This semi-private session allows you to receive the individualized attention of a private session with the added benefit of sharing the class with two friends. Trios must be booked in advance and require pre-payments from each participant.